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Fraser & Barbara's trip to Alaska

This blog contains details of our cruise to Alaska and trip to Denali National Park to celebrate our Ruby wedding. If you have any comments please make them to any of the posts. If you want to get in touch then email fraser [at]

To Heathrow

Getting to London Posted on 2013-05-30 22:37:13

Managed to get most things packed last night and did some swapping around of things when our online checkin for Canada said we had to check in our bags to go right through. When we dropped the bags off in Edinburgh we were asked if we wanted them checked through or get them at Heathrow.
Plane late from Edinburgh but not too late into Heathrow. Bus to hotel and now settled in . . .

. . . and with WiFi time to update blog.

Before the packing

Getting to London Posted on 2013-05-29 20:00:08

Hector surveys the scene as he waits to get packed before his latest adventure.