We have arrived in Anchorage and are now back in the land of wireless. The Wireless on the ship was extortionate and very slow so it wasn’t worth paying for. We will try and catch up with things over the next few days.
The last week has been wonderful. We have had lovely weather. The ship was really nice, the food out of this world and we have eaten far too much. We were both quite sad to leave today. We have seen so many great things, both living and scenic which we will bring you up to date with over the next couple of days.
We are picking up our car in the morning. Just been outside eating supper (10.40pm here). It is really warm. Everyone is saying how exceptional the weather is. We have been really lucky so far and hopefully it will continue that way.
Hector is having a great time and there have been many photo opportunities which we will also let you see in the blog. Just a couple for now. Going to bed now. Talk tommorow. x