This was our first full day at sea. As you can see it didn’t take Hector long to get comfortable.
Our state room was really nice with plenty of room and a nice big
balcony. We have a steward who will look after us all week whose name is
Jun. We can have room service whenever we like which is nice but I
don’t think we will be using it very often. They will bring a bowl fresh
fruit to us daily if we wish.
We spent most of the day exploring the ship which was lovley. Fraser
went for a 12 mile bike ride in the gym before I woke up. We discovered
that if you walked round the deck 3 times you had walked a mile so that
was one way to exercise and burn off a few calories. It was formal night tonight as you can see. We had a champagne fountain
in the midship lounge before dinner which was good fun. We went for
dinner in the Santa Fe restaurant. There was a choice of 4 restaurants
for those of us who didn’t want set time eating. We liked the waiters so much we ate in there for the rest of the week.