This was a day spent at sea in Glacier Bay. Stunning scenery as you can see from the photos below. That is once Hector and I had had a bit of a nap on the balcony!

There was some cloud around but it stayed dry all day. Still a bit chilly as you can see but most of that was wind chill due to the speed of the ship. Note my new Alaskan hat!The Margerie Glacier was awsome although we couldn’t get too close as there was still a lot of ice around. This Glacier advances 7 feet a day so we saw lots of calving. Barbara managed to capture some on the camera.We were about half a mile away and it took a while for the sound to get to us which was quite weird. The cracking noises were amazing.This is a humpback whale’s tail as it did it’s final dive to feed. It was quite a long way off and this is on full zoom so doesn’t look very big but it was a great sight,
The day, inbetween sightseeing of course, was spent sampling the delights of the galley and restaurants.