Another lovely sunny day. Rafting this afternoon was great fun (when you click the link, click “Map” in the top right of the map and select “Satellite” to get a better idea ot the terrain). Flood, our guide, took great care of us as you can see below. If you were wondering where we are we were under the wall of water in the first pic.

We were a bit more in control in this one. We got very wet at times but had full dry suits on so we kept dry under those. Barbara thought it was a bit hairy sitting on the side paddling to start with but she soon got into the swing of things and had a great time. We travelled 11 miles down stream.

We went back and picked up Hector to go for a short trip into the park to pick up our bus tickets for tomorrow. We are getting the shuttle bus as we are not allowed to take a car in further than 13 miles. We will go to Eilison which is about 45 miles in and then get off and hopefully have a bit of a wander around. Have to eat our food before we get off the bus as no food allowed outwith vehicles unless in bear proof containers. Then we will get a later bus back (we hope).
Hector saw his first moose today even before we got to the park. Barbara spotted it eating the bushes in a layby so we stopped and got out to take some photos. We got quite close as you can see.

Hector and Barbara posed for a photo at the reserve entrance. Can you spot the duck?

Some caribou we spotted having a sunbathe on our jaunt into the park. We also saw an Alaskan red squirrel but it was too fast for us to get a photo. Hopefully we will have more wildlife to show you tomorrow.